Model Camp -s-5010fd376d224 Want to be an idol model and artist loved by millions of people? Envy the colorful working and living conditions of models and artists?

——But You can’t find the way to enter the model industry? And you are afraid of all kinds of good and bad model brokers on the market?——

  • ELLELL as one professional model management company, we have a large number of professional Chinese and Foreign models resources, and our customers from all walks of life who have kept good cooperation with us for many years.!

  • ELLELL hire senior brokers from Taiwan and senior foreign models from Europe and the United States as model training teachers to guide students!

  • HDUM Plastic Surgery Platform

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It’s time to turn your interests and passions into your lifelong career and apply for ELLELL  Model Training Camp

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ELLELL Models and  Talents Training Camp Course Contents:

  • How to find your own characteristics styles (including facial makeup skills, hairstyles, interview dress, etc.)
  • Fashion Show CATWALK step training
  • Detailed Skills of Photo Posture in Front of Photo Lens
  • How to Act in Video Advertising Shooting
  • Interview and job communication skills

At the same time, we are sending 10 professional model card photos free (Senior photographer Will Shoot For You)!

The cost of the 10-days training course is only RMB 5,899. Classes are held regularly in major cities throughout the country!

How to apply

  1. First, fill in your basic information through the following form, so that we can quickly understand and organize your information!
  2. Then add staff Wechat ID :bemiqi and also scanning code finish the payment! We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the fee.

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Upload your photos:

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